2450 Canadian Way #58
Clearwater FL 33763

Mission Field: Ukraine

Sponsoring Church:
Westwood MBC / Pastor: Dr Clyde Lanier & Rev Walter Lanier / 3210 Ave G NW / Winter Haven FL 33880 / 863-294-2219 / webmaster@westwoodmbc.org

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Report Posted: May 10, 2006

~ May, 2006 ~

Dear Praying Friends:

To our utter delight and surprise, WE ARE BACK IN UKRAINE, BACK IN ZHYTOMYR, AND BACK IN FLAT 13 GAGARIN ST. I am usually pretty positive, but this was a trip that was designed by "split foot" and completely 'BAD," but, PRAISE THE LORD, we made it. I will not mention the airline, but it is definitely the LAST TIME, without an emergency. that we will ride it. The complications are too numerous to name, and will be forgotten in a day or two, but they were bad.
The main thing is, we are hear, alive, safe, and healthy, except for sleep deprivation. We will catch that up in a day or two and be fine. We are so glad to be back to our flat in Zhytomyr and to see that the work is going along good. We are now on our road to preparing for the summer Crusades and the three groups that will be here to visit with us. We just need your constant prayers.

Safe In His Arms

Bill & Dorothy Pennell